Monday, 16 March 2015

Am I crazy or am I crazy?

Hi Guys,

So a lot has happened! I am not sure I can talk about everything on here but I needed some time to sort myself out. I also dont know if I can continue blogging with this same website because I seem to have lost my sense of direction for this blog.

As some may be aware, I started as an anonymous blogger, and for some reason I decided to reveal my Identity(kinda!).  I compromised myself by revealing the address of this blog to some people and that has also prevented me from baring it all here. (Sigh)

So I am at a cross road yet again. I might make a dramatic decision. Open up my life to anonymous readers on the web. Let them comment and make suggestions on my life. Build a virtual network of friends, allies and whoever may be interested about reading snippets of my boring life.

Ok guys ignore the last paragraph! It has no meaning whatsoever.I dont know what I was typing.

I have one crazy idea. I want to open another anonymous blog where we discuss everything sex. In Africa, it is hard to talk about these things. Yet there are an important, essential part of our lives. I still don't understand why sex talk is prohibited and even amongst close friends it is difficult to open up and talk about it.

So here is the bad BIG idea!

1. I register a blog (Say
2. I start by talking about my sexual experiences(or lack of it)
3. Blog readers send theirs to me
4. With time, we are able to create a safe, non-judgmental haven for a sex related Issues you may have.

So guys, tell me, what do you think? Would you like a blog of this nature?

Oh and I really do miss you all. I hope this blog post is not giving any bipolar vibes. I am just running crazy right now


  1. aah, it's been so long! Welcome back :-) "Lack of a sex life" I thought you were married? How's that possible. Anyway, the sex website is a good idea (I think). Except, you have compromised your anonymity again by announcing on here that you'll be opening a new blog. Cos those who know you would then know the new blog is yours. Did I make sense?

    1. lol I mean others lack of it. I should be duly satisfied in that department ;)

  2. Linda ikeji talks about her sex life and challenges.most people know she she stays, I still say you should stay put, tell your stories with fictitious name.
    btw,Eze Nwanyi used to be your regular with christy love, where are they now?
    You have a lot of work to do.
    start commenting on blogs and bring awareness back to your blog.

  3. Miss Lady, where have you been? You didn't need to compromise yourself by using someone else's image. The new image you comment with is quite different from the photo of you on that Dubai/Ghan en route trip. Be honest in what you do otherwise people will tune off. Looks like your marriage is non existent or is on the rocks. That's really none of my biz but just an observation and I brought that up because you seemed to have contradicted yourself somewhat . Forgive me if I misunderstood you though. I have searched for you for a while but gave up months ago and only ran into your blog through my archives. Are you now in Ghana? Talk about whatever you like on your blog, as long as you keep up the consistency l, you will always have followers and I want to thank you very much for bringing freshness into the seemingly saturated world of blogging. One thing though, if you are done with a blog feed, delete it or else it might just get reactivated by the spider webbers... Blogging is fun but there are downsides too. Welcome back