Tuesday, 8 October 2013

Blog Visitor: I need citizenship for my unborn baby

Hi, I am a newly married woman. I have been married for 2 years and I just found out I am about 7 weeks pregnant.  The thing is my husband and I have decided that we would have our baby outside Nigeria, most preferably in the US.
 We have done some research and the cost of having a baby over there is about $8000-$15000. We are not sure if we can raise that money along with airfare and accommodation. So I would want your readers to suggest other western countries that give automatic citizenship. Also we would like countries that are a little bit cheaper that the amount mentioned above. Our budget is about $5000. Thank you for posting this


  1. 1. Ghana
    2. South Africa
    3. Dubai
    4. Zimbagwe
    5. Cameron
    6. Ivory coast
    7. Kenya
    8. India
    9. China
    10. Egypt... Etc.
    My suggestion is save this money for child's education, and have ur baby in naija period! My sister is a citizen in europe, but she wasn't born there... Nationalization! Get ur mind off this stress and focus... All the best!


    1. South Africa doesn't give automatic citizenship. the poster said western countries so your list is wrong

    2. you forgot Sudan, somalia, afghanistan, iran, irag looool

  2. The options above are for you to pick incase u have ur mind made up already... Seriously, this shldn't be in ur mind at all..

  3. I guess all these celebrities giving birth abroad are inspiring people. I agree the money could be put to better use unless you have a health condition that can only be addressed abroad have your baby in Naija please. And embassy officials are not fooled if you are pregnant and do not declare your intention i.e delivery in their country you may be denied a visa or if approved on a different visa e.g tourist and then you come back and reapply you could be denied again. If you are going to deliver please declare that on your form the US has no issues as long as you can cater for all your bills medical and otherwise while there.

  4. Mario

    Hmmmm...well, considering the benefits of being an american citizen I'll give it up to your perception that giving having your baby overseas is the golden investment you make in him. Buh WTH!! Aint there successful people in your parts who started out at home?? I think I've seen some core americans who live destitute too.

    If we all run to America, who will build Nigeria???

    Shout out to my brother 9ice "no be mistake say here na my motherland"

  5. So wat? U think having your baby abroad is the determiner of his success in life? Oya now,go have ur baby in ...perhaps Norway? And while there,pls do some research to know if all their citizens are living the Golden life. There are poor,destitute,uneducated and unsuccessful people in America and England too! Or u think becos u child is a citizen of america,he won't pay school fees? That's why they pay all those taxes,dearie. So while ur child is goin to a public school,u re paying his teachers indirectly thru the taxes u're paying. They collect loans for college which they will be paying off for years to come. Bottom line,do watever pleases u but aving ur child in nigeria dsnt mean that the child won't later travel abroad or even succeed here in nigeria.

  6. Wat's dis craze abt giving birth abroad? Wat happened to Nigeria? Wat's d assurance dt it's going to be a safe trip? Give birth to your child in your country and save ur 5k dollars for his/her quality education. That's all that matters!


  7. I can't even believe you put this up on your blog...don't let USCIS begin to investigate you. Madam if you cannot afford to pay out of pocket for your hospital bills, please don't come here and be a nuisance to us. That is why my taxes are so high! I am a single income earner with no dependants, and I know how much I get taxed every year to support the likes of you. You guys are draining our system, and I think the US government needs to tighten our immigration system. I know countless of Nigerian women with this mentality that have come here to have their baby, get on welfare bc they can not afford to pay their bills. Who suffers at the end of the day...ME! If you can afford it, I have no problem with you coming here to have your baby. But don't think that no $5000 is enough for you to come here and have a baby. Cut your coat according to your size...Kposhi Kposhi!

  8. @10.03 u honestly have a bad mouth, u shd be ashamed dat u don't have anybody ur supporting , shege is USA ur father land no be go u go , see dis yeye black man talking down on somebody sharrap ur mouth if u don't have anytin nice to advice her besides d country is big enough for everybody abeg park for one side shege banza

  9. Thanks to every1. The thing is I don't have the intention of not paying for my delivery. I want to pay every kobo that is why I even sent the mail to TAC. The US is expensive and I just wanted cheaper alternatives.
    Having a citizenship means that my baby can travel anywhere without hustling for Visa. It also means that my child can have reduced fees and not the expensive international fees that we normally pay. It also means that I have access to world class delivery and not die from child birth as is common in Nigeria

  10. My dear poster, don't mind them. It's not a bad idea at all. Wanting the best for U and your unborn baby should be commended if u can afford it.

  11. My dear poster, don't mind them. It's not a bad idea at all. Wanting the best for U and your unborn baby should be commended if u can afford it.

  12. Clearly you guys are very ignorant about the benefits of being an american citizen: the jobs that are available to you as well as the many scholarships you can apply for. Besides you can file for your parents when you turn 18. Abeyg my dear Poster, please find a country you can afford and go and born there. Don't mind all these bad belle people that don't want to see others progressing. And as for Mr I pay my taxes...I bet you're either an immigrant or a child of immigrants, most likely of african decent because you're reading this blog. You should be ashamed of yourself. After all it was as a result of a search of greener pastures you found yourself there. SMH!

  13. I was Googling immigration and citizenship problems and this blog came in the results. Citizenship scams/strategies to get into the US are nothing new. But they won't stop because actually US 'big business' makes so much money off of work productivity from desperate/determined immigrants who work with vigor but require no extra costs of minimum wages, taxes or insurance.
    No disrespect intended but didn't the poster have more control over when she got pregnant? Couldn't it have been timed better so the best birth plan could be formed first? Or here's an idea, >apply for citizenship the regular way< . Lots of people do that. The best options to citizenship don't have to be based in exploiting laws meant to protect its citizens.
    Separate from the poster's problem of being in a country with shamefully high mortality rate for childbirth process are other tactics that African men seem to do in great numbers. I've been talking to a group of entrepreneur women and it seems lots of them are products of African men who never knew their fathers! Their mothers re-married or were raised solo. Is no one talking about that? I'm trying to understand it. They all had similar stories... often the men come as students then set out to find fellow student women of that country (England, France, US colleges) to convince to marry them only with the intention of creating an 'anchor baby' as an avenue to long term citizenship. (A couple ladies birth-fathers never married their mothers.) No intention of really ever staying married with the American woman, they cheat on them, or find out they already had wives in Africa somewhere, then are burdened with the immigrants child, then end up divorced. But the men all wanted to stay in the woman's country! lol
    A couple of the women said their families had to fight off kidnapping attempts! Ridiculous.
    Poster, good luck; Hope your problem resolves itself -legally and without exploitation but there are plenty of other far worse problems to go around.