Sunday, 20 October 2013

How far will your Government go to save you?

I just finished watching Captain Philips and I must confess, anytime I see such movies I always fantasize about being in the US army. I just love the way they are able to get things done promptly. For those of you who haven't watched it, the movie depicts the events surrendering the kidnap of an American captain by Somali pirates in 2009. The captain was eventually rescued by the US navy. The movie was based on the true life accounts by the captain and some members of the crew.

Watching how the US Government immediately released resources to save the life of one of its citizens got me thinking a lot. I asked myself if it was possible for any African government to react the way the US Government did. I am by no means comparing the resources available to the US to say a country like Nigeria, but I am just wondering if the Nigerian government would try their possible best to save the life of just one citizen. There have even been a lot of situations reported over the years, where the citizens have to beg the government for help but to no avail.

So I ask myself, what exactly is the job of our leaders if we cannot count on them to protect us when faced with such situations. Are they there to only rule us? I hope and pray that there will come a time when the welfare of every single citizen is the topmost priority of our government.


  1. As far as I can tell abt Nigeria govt they don't give a damm abt its pple cos if they really did thousands wil nt be dying all over d nothern part of the country boko haram has killed over a thousand recently 60 students and last nite 19 pple and all the govt care abt is buying bulletproof cars and stealing and enriching selves its really painful and sad

  2. what about Ghanaian government ?

  3. The case is terribly terrible in Nigeria..It's that bad! I wonder if there's hope for tomorrow.

  4. I just saw this same movie yesterday and though it was unrealistic at first that a whole cargo ship didn't have a security team or a single gun on board and the crew couldn't take down a mere 4 armed boys even before they got on the ship, I learnt the lesson of what a single American meant to America. Im not sure how many Nigerian souls will be worth that battle to our government.