Thursday, 22 May 2014

100,000+ Page Views!!!!!

Face Covered. As someone aptly described me in the comment section, I am such a 'lazy blogger'.

Thing is I want to blog, I really do, but its hard for me to because I am not in a right frame of mind at the moment.It is hard to transform thoughts into meaningful words when there are 1000 and 1 things racing through your mind. 

Well, today as usual, I opened up my blogger account and I saw that we had hit  100,000+ mark. I was excited but not very much because of my lackadaisical attitude to this blog. I silently made a resolve to blog more.

So here's to  all you guys who have remained very loyal readers. For a relatively new blog, I do have quite a number of people leaving in comments, and It makes me extremely satisfied when I get mails from some of you.