Tuesday, 21 January 2014

Have you ever wondered how a university looks like in Africa? Pictures of University of Ghana

I paid a visit to the University of Ghana seeing that I hadn't been there since I graduated in 2011. It was a very nostalgic feeling as I walked around the campus trying to recapture some memories.

I decided to take some pictures( well, a lot actually) to enable anyone who might be wondering how a university in Ghana/Africa looks like.

Akuafo Hall

The university of Ghana has 5 traditional halls of residencies, with Akuafo Hall being one of them. The hall houses both males and females and has a population of  over 2000

Hall of Residency-Akuafo Hall

Inside Akuafo Hall

Outside the Akuafo Hall

The Balme Library
Known as the largest university library in West Africa,(well as we were told in school), the library contains over 100,000 books. I spent a lot of time over in my undergrad years

Front View of the Blame library

Economics Department- Where I earned my degree

The streets of Legon

Faculty of Arts

Legon Hall

The symbol of Legon hall

Inside Legon Hall

That Student Life!
Mensah Sarbah Hall- My affilliated hall

Inside the Mensah Sarbah Hall
The Annexes
All the halls of residences except the all boys hall-commonwealth,have annexes to  make up for the then shortage in accommodation
In sight-Akuafo Hall Annexe B,C & D

Sarbah hall Annexes A, C & D

The walking paths need a lot of work

The guys leisurely use this as a football field sometimes

Jubilee Hall/hostel
International Students Hostel(ISH)
This hostel was built to accommodate all international students including exchange students. If you are looking to school at the university of Ghana from another country you are most likely to be offered a place of accommodation here. The rooms are generally larger than those of the traditional halls. There are 2 buildings that make up the international students hostels also popularly known as ISH 1 and ISH 2

Jubilee Hall located in between the 2 international hostels


Project 7000

Recently a series of hostels were built by the university to house an extra 7000 students.
In sight - 3 of the 4 buildings of project 7000

University Swimming pool

The Uncompleted Stadium

Inside the stadium


  1. I have been to Legon when i visited Accra in 2011 and loved it. There shouldn't have different hostel for international students though that just breeds segregation.

  2. Looks good actually, love the uniform white. But they need to finish the walkways...

    1. You don reach here
      Ashawo kobo

  3. beautiful, but still needs some work

  4. The University is really beautiful! I have heard a lot about it but never seen what it looked like

  5. Wow, TAC, you made me nostalgic with these pictures. I miss home!!! I have been to Ghana once and it was a really interesting visit. The US would miss you! lol. Have fun dear

  6. Such a beautiful campus with wonderful architecture, the library is a divine sight. Once they complete the walkways and perhaps plant some more greenery and flowers it really will be something to behold.

  7. This is by far the most amazing experience ever. I grew up briefly in Ghana and spent most of my university days in London. These pictures and captions are setting my imagination on a long trip wow. Thank you for sharing am made up tonight!

  8. How far? I really miss your updates. Guess you're enjoying ur marriage and too busy to write. Take care.

  9. I just read an article about some of the private universities in Ghana HERE , but i really enjoyed reading your post, and would recommend this university to my friends