Saturday, 30 November 2013

I finally met my neighbour

As some of you would know, I have now been in the US for close to a year. In one of of my earlier posts, I wrote about the experience of moving into a new home. I live in a townhouse style building with different people sharing a unit of housing. Despite how close we are to each other, it is quite sad to know that we hardly see or talk to each other.

Apart from the few familiar faces I see walking their dogs during the day
, I have not met most of my closest neighbors. Well I can finally say I met one last week. I was outside when a car pulled over. The lady parked into her allocated space and as I was also heading to my door, I realized that we were going in the same direction. Well, she ended opening the door right next to ours. I was finally glad I could put a face to who my closest neighbor was.

Eventhough there was no greetings or introductions of any sorts or even eye contact, I was just glad I had an idea of who was living right by me. At some point I even thought that place was vacant.
On another note, I am so sorry for my unannounced hiatus. With the intention I had for starting this blog, I realized that after sometime, everything became very normal to me. I got used to the accent, I now enjoy some of their food, and I am generally getting used to the American culture so nothing seems strange enough for me to blog about.

And also on a lighter note I watched 'Osuofia in London' and that movie was hilarious. Eventhough the further projected the usual African Stereotype, I must commend them for their attention to details. My best scene was when Osuofia bought some bread at a convenience store and told them that his house was close by and that he would return later with the money.


  1. aunty TAC..longest tym, wer u been rily missed u.


  2. Missed you loads TAC! #bbhugsmiley

    1. Awwww I've been so busy. And also lack of things to blog about. Missed you guys too!

  3. You met her and no 'hellos' were exchanged?

    About the lack of things to blog about, you can broaden your horizon a lil bit.
    Every experience is a new one.

  4. A simple hello from you might have got a response,usually silence is caused by fear of the unknown.