Friday, 15 November 2013

I am a proud African!!

I used to read a lot about race issues when I was younger; and I am still overwhelmed with sadness when I remember the story of Steve Biko. Even though I had an understanding of what racial discrimination was, I could never appreciate it full until I found myself in America.

Prior to moving here, all I knew was that I was me. I didn't know what it meant to be African. I didn't know what it meant to be black. All I knew was that I was just me, and most people around me were also like me. We ate the same foods, we wore similar clothes, we spoke the same languages, we shared a common culture and belief system.

I have never questioned and appreciated who I was until recently. When I talk, people realize that I talk differently.  It is always a struggle to get my name right. The food I like to eat is not easily available here. I cant share some jokes with people because they would never get it. Anytime I wear braids, I am always questioned about how I managed to get my hair in that state

I begun to realize that I wasn't just me. I was a part of something bigger. I was a part of a race, a culture, a history. I am an African, a proud one at that.

Our continent is so rich with culture, diversity and history. Our people are the warmest you would ever meet. We have a very rich and interesting culture. We have a very beautiful melanin full black skin. We have faced a lot of travesty, and our problems are unlimited, but our spirit and hope can never be broken.  Africans are beautiful, and I am proud to be one.


  1. For once I forgot this isn't Facebook and I was looking for the 'like button' I completely understand and agree with u. Being in d Uk I sometimes want to crack a joke with my non African friends then I suddenly remember they won't understand or find it offensive that is just the least of the things I miss...d list is countless. I have never been more proud to be not just a Nigerian but an African...I only wish we can get our acts together and stop being an object of ridicule. Vic

  2. I've come to love my country, despite all the struggles we go through.
    Proudly Nigerian!
    Proudly African!

  3. very true.
    proudly African.